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Article: What Does Relaxed Fit Mean?

Muscle Fit Shirts

What Does Relaxed Fit Mean?

A relaxed fit is looser than a regular fit and are often quite baggy. This style can be very comfortable to wear if made with high quality materials as they provide extra freedom of movement.

Relaxed fit tops will fit all body types, but in most cases they aren’t physique complementing, and if you have a physique worth showing off then you don’t want your smart clothing to be in a relaxed fit.

Muscle Fit vs Relaxed Fit

If you like to look your best at all times, then a muscle fit will provide a physique complementing look.

Whereas if you are lounging around your home sometimes you may want to wear a relaxed fit.

When done well, a muscle fit will make you look your best while being comfortable.

What is muscle fit clothing?

Muscle fit clothing is designed to be fitted to the body, this is done by the cut and material which often is made with some stretch.

Muscle fit pants should also be form-fitting to the legs and provide more room for the thigh, and quads.

A muscle fit top should be form-fitting and allow a bit extra room for the upper body to accommodate for a more muscular or bigger upper body.

 Muscle Fit Shirt

At Wolf Muscle we make clothing specifically designed to complement your muscular physique.

We design our clothing to accommodate for a muscular frame and highlight muscles.

We use our tailored cut that fits you perfectly, and we use the highest quality materials that are comfortable and made to last.

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